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1. Is Dr. Nichols currently accepting patients?
No, Dr. Nichols is not currently accepting new patients.

2. How do I book an appointment? What if I need an appointment today?
Patients should call the office at 705-775-1783 to schedule routine appointments. Should you require more urgent care, please call the office in the morning to see whether you can be seen the same day. Several appointments are reserved each day for people that are acutely unwell. Should her schedule be full, the team After-Hours Clinic will also be available for same-day care.

3. How long are appointments?
Typical appointments are 20 minutes long. Please inform our receptionist of the reason for your visit so that she can schedule an appropriate amount of time. If you believe that you will require additional time (physical exam, preventative care visit, mental health concerns etc), please let us know. We reserve the right to schedule you for a second visit if there is not enough time to address all of your concerns in the time available.

4. When should I arrive for my appointment and what should I bring?
Please arrive for your appointment 5-10 minutes early to allow enough time for you to be checked in and to complete any necessary paperwork. Please bring your healthcard and any medications (or an updated list) to every appointment. You will not be seen if you do not bring your healthcard.

5. What if I need to cancel an appointment?
We understand that sometimes unexpected life events make it necessary to cancel an appointment. Should you need to cancel an appointment, please call the office (705-775-1783) as soon as possible. Appointment cancellations can be left on our voicemail system 24 hours per day. If we do not hear from you, you will be charged a fee for the missed visit. Please note that it is your responsibility to call the office again during office hours to reshedule your appointment.

6. What if I need care when the office is closed?
Our Family Health Team offers an After-Hours Clinic from 5 pm - 8 pm on weeknights, and Saturday 9 am - 3 pm. Please note that you must book an appointment for these clinics, and that the location of the clinic varies. To find out more about the location of the clinic and how to book an appointment, please see the 'Other Information' section of this website, or call the office (705-775-1783) and listen to the message about the After-Hours clinic. In the case of an emergency, such as severe chest pain, shortness of breath or bleeding, call 911.

7. Where do I go for lab work?
We do not have laboratory services on site. If you need labwork, Dr. Nichols will provide you with a lab requisition form. You have two options for where you have it done although Lifelabs is preferred.

Lifelabs: Alexander Building (849 Alexander Court), M-F 7am-3 pm, closes 1 pm 3rd Wed each month
Dynacare: Peterborough Clinic (26 Hospital Drive), M-F 7am-5pm
Please click on the links for each lab to confirm hours of operation. If you wish, you may book an appointment online for Lifelabs by going to their website.

8. How do I get a prescription medication renewed?
You may ask for a prescription renewal at any visit. This is the preferred method to obtain medication refills. Please call the office at least 2 weeks prior to running out of your medication to book an appointment to review your ongoing medication needs. If you will run out of your medication prior to your next visit, please contact your pharmacy directly and ask them to fax us a renewal request. A fee of $15 will be charged by our office for this uninsured service. Please note that opioid medication will not be renewed without an in-person visit unless previously arranged with Dr. Nichols.

9. Is there parking on-site?
Yes, there is free parking at the clinic. The parking lot is shared with with Dairy Queen. 

10. What are uninsured services?
Unfortunately, not all health services are covered by OHIP, and some services will be charged to you directly. A list of these services will be provided to you when you join Dr. Nichols' practice, and will also be posted in the office. You will be notified if there will be a charge associated with a service, and payment will be required before the service is provided. The office currently accepts CASH, Cheque, or e-transfer. Please do not hesitate to inform us if these charges pose a financial hardship to you. Other arrangements can be made.