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Tests and investigations

Our clinic believes strongly in preventative care and use of evidence-informed practice. We encourage our patients to explore some of the 'Choosing Wisely' patient resources at http://choosingwiselycanada.org/patient-pamphlets. You may find that some approaches to your healthcare may be different than what you have become used to in the past. You are encouraged to keep an open mind and discuss with your physician if you have any questions. 


Antibiotics will only be prescribed for bacterial illnesses. For example, the common cold is caused by a virus. Antibiotics kill bacteria, not viruses, and do not treat colds or most diarrhea. 
Opiates and benzodiazepines

Dr. Shahbaz has very conservative policies regarding the prescription of narcotics due to the 'Opioid Crisis'. These medications are highly addictive with a high risk of side effects. Narcotic medications will not be prescribed in most cases, including if you are already on medications, or if they have been prescribed by another doctor. However, if you have been on them long-term, they may need to be taped off gradually to discontinue safely. If they are prescribed, patients will need to sign a narcotics contract and participate in regular random drug screening. A similar policy is in effect for benzodiazepines. Any breech in contract would result in these medications being discontinued. 
Prescription renewals 

You may ask for a prescription renewal at any visit. This is the preferred method to obtain medication refills. Please call at least 2 weeks prior to running out of medication to book an appointment to monitor your progress on the medication. If you are unable to get to the office and will run out of medications prior to your next visit, please contact your pharmacy directly and have them contact our office with a renewal request A fee of $15 will be charged for this 'uninsured service'.
Uninsured Services 

Unfortunately, not all health services are covered by OHIP, and some services will be charged to you directly. A list of these services will be provided to you when you join Dr. Shahbaz's practice, and will also be posted in the office. You will be notified if there will be a charge associated with a service, and payment will be required before the service is provided. The office currently accepts CASH and Cheque. Please do not hesitate to inform us if these charges pose a financial hardship to you. Other arrangements can be made. 


If you have a form to be completed, please notify the receptionist when you book your appointment. Please complete all sections that are to be filled out by the applicant prior to the appointment. Some forms are simple and may be completed during your appointment, others require more time. Dr. Shahbaz's policy is 30 days for form completion.   

Policy Handout

All patients will receive a copy of the office policies handout when they join Dr. Shahbaz's practice. A copy of this handout can be found below. Many of these policies are also reviewed in the FAQs section of this website.