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After-hours clinics are available Monday to Friday from 5-8 pm and on Saturday from 9-3 pm. You can call 705-743-7632 for clinic locations.

Please call the appropriate clinic at 5pm on weeknights, or at 9am on Saturday to schedule an appointment.  

For the week of January 3rd to January 8th, the After Hours Clinic will be as follow:

Tuesday: Dr. Keogh (705-639-2245, Norwood)
                Dr. Kathiravelu (705-743-7101)
Wednesday: Dr. Messervey (705-741-0311)

Thursday: Dr. Berg (705-741-3055)

Friday: Dr. Webster/Dr. Auyeung (705-876-1066)

Saturday: Dr. Vanderkamp/Dr. Hicks (705-741-3489)

For the week of January 10th to January 15th, the after-hours clinics will be as follows:

Monday: Dr. Crane (705-876-4549)
               Dr. Shahbaz (705-775-3037)
Tuesday: Dr. Crane (705-876-4549)
Wednesday: Dr. Turner (705-748-4041)
Thursday: Dr. Kathiravelu (705-743-7101)

Friday:  Dr. Lokanathan (705-740-6867)

Saturday: Dr. Lokanathan (705-740-6867)

For the week of January 17th to January 22nd the after-hours clinics will be as follows:

Monday:  Dr. Crane (705-876-4549)
                Dr. Robinson (705-932-2772, Millbrook) 
Tuesday: Dr. Crane (705-876-4549)
Wednesday: Dr. Neville (705-743-7100)
Thursday: Dr. VanLoon (705-932-2772, Millbrook)

Friday: Dr. Berg (705-741-3055)

Saturday: Dr. Crane (705-876-4549)