Dr. Kathleen Nichols
727 Lansdowne St W, Unit 2, Peterborough ON K9J 1Z2
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Urgent Visits

Need an appointment today? Please call the office early in the morning (8:30 - 10:00) to see if we can fit you in. If you wait until late afternoon, it will be difficult for us to find an appointment time for you to be seen. 

Scent-free policy
For the comfort and health of our patients and staff, we request that you avoid wearing scented products or smoking cigarettes/marijauna prior to your visit with us. 

Rostering patients 

Dr Nichols is part of the Peterborough Family Health Team. This means that her patients have access to dietician, social work, mental health, pharmacist and specialized nursing supports. In order to provide you with access to these services, she may ask you to 'roster' (sign up) to become her patient. In rostering, she commits to providing comprehensive healthcare services. In return, she asks that you contact the office first when you have healthcare needs, unless it is an emergency situation.

Behaviour in the office

Our office will not tolerate physical or verbal abuse directed towards members of the staff or other visitors in the office. Anyone behaving in an inappropriate manner in our office will be asked to leave, and may be discharged from the practice.

Need to cancel an appointment? 
You may call the office at 705-775-1783 and leave a message on the voicemail system (option 3) 24 hours per day. Please do not leave other messages in the mailbox, as our office will not be able to respond to them in a timely manner.

The office is located at 727 Lansdowne Street West, Unit 2 in Peterborough, beside the Dairy Queen(corner of Lansdowne and High Street. We are located in the unit behind TAG Dental. Parking is free.